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     I’m Alyssa or Aly Rae, Photography has been a huge passion of mine for the last 7 years when I stumbled into it! Capturing the candied special moments are my favorite  but the sweet posed newborn shots are also to precious so I do both! Life as a single mother of 4 kids and two furbabies (they count as kids in my book) keeps thing interesting and never dull, wouldn’t have it any other way! I have been in Colorado for 5 years now and hope to be here forever as I am a huge fan of all things outdoors! You can find me out on a hike, or biking! One of the reasons my business has done so well I believe is due to my energy and love for children. Being a very outgoing person with high energy helps my sessions feel more like play then work!! Family to me is the most important thing, I am the oldest of 5 kids and very proud of the special bond we all share. Kindness and companion towards others is very important to me, as I have had quite a few challenges in my life! Who knows how my life would of ended up if others hadn’t stepped into help lift me up! My favorite quote is “don’t judge because you don’t know their story”.

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Raes of Light Photography

Document the beauty of your pregnancy with maternity photography you’ll never forget! Alyssa prefers to shoot Colorado Springs & Denver maternity photos in her studio, allowing her to put forth years of experience as a maternity photographer to produce a photo that’s truly fine art.

There are some real benefits to having your pictures taken by a professional Colorado Springs and Denver maternity photographer while you are pregnant. It is a time to be remembered and cherished forever, and maternity photography makes that possible. One of the most unique and most important times in a couple’s or a family’s life is when a new addition comes into their life.

Raes of Light photography Colorado Springs & Denver is breathtaking. It is only natural that you love your child from the moment of existence. The memories can be forever cherished through maternity photography. There is nothing more beautiful than the female silhouette, except the female silhouette during pregnancy. A professional maternity photographer knows how to capture the beauty and simplicity that all comes together to make a timeless masterpiece known as maternity photography.

The maternity photography work is that of the finest art, done by a professional maternity photographer in Colorado Springs , and transformed into that of a flawless masterpiece that can be passed down through generations. During a maternity photography session, studio lighting helps to accentuate the female shape, and allows for the nuances of the pregnant body to really make a bold impact. A maternity photographer can make the beauty of the silhouette truly memorable, and Alyssa’s final photos are always gorgeous. Careful lighting and shadow manipulations are used, as well as enhancements that will generate the best quality and beauty that you will ever see again in Colorado Springs and Denver maternity photography.

Though the main reason that maternity photography is taken, many opt to have it done as family heirlooms. There are many superstars who have done it like Demi Moore and Christina Aguilera. They certainly recognize the importance of a maternity photographer. One woman says she has never felt so empowered in her life. One thing stands true, these photos will truly prove how beautiful a woman is during pregnancy, all thanks to maternity photography.

Another reason that women report wanting these maternity photography done is to be able to show their little bundle how much it meant that they were becoming a part of the family. They want to be able to show the love surrounding his or her arrival, and how much that he or she was loved even from the beginning. Some women just loved the pregnancy and wanted it documented with maternity photography. And for others it will be their only pregnancy, so it will be a treasure that will only be available once in their lifetime. Why wouldn’t you want to hold the memory for a lifetime through? Colorado Springs & Denver Maternity Photographer Alyssa Hughes specializes in fine art and lifestyle maternity photography.

Alyssa Hughes captures delicate portraits of your newborn baby. It is best to have your newborn photography session within the first ten days of baby’s birth, so please schedule it during your pregnancy.

Being a Newborn photographer requires techniques, creativity and skillful training. A Colorado Springs & Denver newborn photographer Alyssa Hughes is creative and has the necessary patience required in capturing the most precious moments of an infant.

One of the most difficult tasks a newborn photographer has is capturing creative pictures of infants. The photographer needs plenty of patience to capture moments of the baby smiling or other facial expressions. Alyssa Hughes, a top Colorado Springs & Denver newborn photographer knows all the correct newborn props to use in order to capture those special moments. Regardless if the infant is awake or sleep, a professional should be able to creatively take some of the most memorable pictures. Newborn photography is in popular demand by many Colorado Springs & Denver parents.

NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY sessions with Alyssa are best scheduled months in advance, as Raes of Light photographs only a limited number of newborns every month.


Babies go through so many milestones in their first year, and fine art baby photography sessions are a perfect way to document those cherished moments. The best ages for your baby photography session is around three months, when they can hold their head up and smile.

As a new parent you are aware of how beneficial it can be to acquire life long memories of your baby as they grow up. Many individuals throughout the world are constantly filling their baby photo albums with photographs that will be remembered and cherished for many years to come. There are an ample amount of benefits to hiring a baby photographer in Colorado Springs and Denver to ensure that your memories are kept sacred for a variety of years to come.

As previously mentioned, having the ability to acquire baby photography can prove to be exponentially beneficial due to the fact that you will be provided with an ample amount of memories. Although as a parent you are prone to remember the important dates throughout life such as birthdays and play dates but with the use of a baby photographer you will be able to acquire photographs that will mark the milestones in your baby’s life. As an example, on their first birthday you can have their photograph taken and then on their second birthday you can also have their photograph taken to see the progress in age.

Another benefit of acquiring a Colorado Springs & Denver baby photographer Raes of light photography is that you will be able to acquire professional photographs that will impress friends and family members. Although many individuals believe that using their own personal digital cameras are sufficient enough, many family members would prefer to acquire professional baby photography of your baby. With the implementation of a baby photographer you will be able to acquire photographs of your baby with extrinsic and beautiful back drops and a professional standard quality that will undoubtedly help to make the photographs far more outstanding.

Convenience is also an advantage to finding the appropriate Colorado Springs & Denver baby photographer due to the fact that you will not have to worry about taking the photographs yourself. Professional Colorado Springs & Denver baby photographer Rae’s of Light Photography is trained to know how lighting works best and which angles will help to show the most beautiful sides of your baby. With his help you will be able to simply acquire the most beautiful baby photography of your baby with ease and convenience.

Many parents all over the world as well as Colorado Springs & Denver included, are beginning to reap the benefits of a baby photography because they are looking to acquire immortalized photographs of their child that can be kept for a variety of years. With the use of baby photography you will be able to reminisce on the memories with your significant other or even with your child as they grow older.

Child Photographer Colorado Springs & Denver

Alyssa is a professional child photographer who captures those special moments that families treasure for a lifetime. Serving the entire Colorado Springs & Denver metro area, she shoots at many select locations throughout Colorado Springs.
When you’re looking to have photos taken of your child, nothing is more appropriate than Raes of Light Photography Colorado Springs & Denver professional child photography. You want to capture special memories with your children, and there are many occasions where the parents spend their time running around to take pictures as opposed to being in the pictures.

Hiring a professional child photographer Raes of Light Photography offers you a lot of advantages. Alyssa specializes in child photography. When seeking a professional child photographer, the person needs to be patient and calm because children often have short attention spans, and this should be considered when looking for a Colorado Springs & Denver child photographer.

A second thing to look for is a gentle touch. Child photography is a broad field, but not every photography is equally skilled in dealing with children of all ages. Alyssa Hughes, being a parent as well as a child photographer understands the dynamics and behavior of different ages, and different personalities. Along with his wife Sophie, they use a gentle and fun approach to elicit natural laughs and smiles.

If you hire a Colorado Springs & Denver child photographer for your newborn baby, you are going to want them to be able to handle the baby and care for it appropriately while taking the pictures. A child photographer should not just be taking pictures of the child. They need to be styling the child, posing, capturing the entire moment or scene. Alyssa draws on many years of experience in baby and child photography.

Child photography sessions require time and patience. When seeking a Colorado Springs & Denver child photographer, you want to find someone who can create a great deal of magic and truly capture the moment they are there to capture. Things to ask when seeking a Colorado Springs & Denver child photographer are about experience, specialty, and style. You want to find a child photographer who has experience. This should not be a new endeavor for them. Having references makes that even better and creates a higher level of confidence. By looking at a portfolio, you can gain a level of understanding of the type of work the child photographer does.

You want to know what they specialize in. As is often times the case, many photographers are jack-of-all-trades. They will never say no, and pretend to be masters at everything. However, it takes a great deal of skill, experience and patience to execute successful child photography. Childhood is a wonderful time to capture and hiring a professional Colorado Springs & Denver child photographer allows you the chance to not miss a minute, but still get all the wonderful memories.

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