The bright and colorful fall is my favorite time of year, so naturally I LOVE the fall shoots! Here at this location we have an amazing bridge with beautiful running water surrounded by all the beautiful fall colors! I will spend 20 minutes getting amazing shots of you and your loved ones! Within 24-72 hours you will receive a logo gallery with all the best images for you to choose the ones you are wanting detail edited and released for you to share and print! I require $100 at booking and $150 due at session ( book in July and save $30 dollars, $120 due at session) . Five high resolution digital downloads are included with the option of purchasing more for an additional $35 each 

~I will have a small couch and blankets set up as well as a wagon set up for kids

~Booking dates are September 29th and October 5th starting 2 hours before sunset

~Email or message me to book



  • You are required to come 10 min early.
  • outfit, bows and bow ties available
  • please let me know if your child has a specific needs so I can ensure a great experience.
  • You are NOT allowed to edit, or add a filter of any kind to my work. Doing so will get you banned from every booking again.
  • sessions are 10 minutes long unless posted other wise
  • kids mini’s receive 3 high resolution edits (unless ad is posted otherwise)
  • family mini’s receive 5 hight resolution edits
  • I do NOT release raw files.
  • If you are late I will move on to the next person in line and you will have to wait until they are done.
  • these are big set ups so no rescheduling and if there is an emergency please let me know and we will work something out,  but absolutely no refunds.
  • I am not responsible if your child does not want to smile.
  • Kids can not be forced to make the face you want them to. While I do work very hard to get a smile, I am not responsible if you’re not happy with the way your child looks (facial expressions) in the edits. Please keep into consideration about their naps and eating schedules and book at a time when your child will be happiest.
  • Not showing up for your session gets you banned from booking again.
  • You must download your gallery with in a month. As I will remove them from the site to make room for additional galleries. There is a $75 reloading fee if you need me to reload your gallery for you to download.
  • No outfit changes during a mini session
  • If your child has a mark on their face (a bruise, scab, scratch, scar etc.) that you are wanting removed it will be an additional $20 and you will need to bring that in cash to session.
  • All galleries are sent out with in 2-3 weeks unless stated other wise on add.
  • If you have an issue with your gallery or are wanting additional edits you must let me know with in 24 hours. I do not keep all the raw files only the edits. I swipe cards after 24 hours.
  • No RAW files will ever be released
  • do not just sent me money you must wait until I send the invoice
  • Your session is not confirmed until you have paid your invoice
  • No extended family or friends may be added to the session unless discussed and ok’ed by Alyssa prior to session.
  • Failure to pay a sent invoice will get your banned from ever booking (please do not waste my time having me answer questions and sending an invoice only for you not to book)
  • I give one reminder to pay invoice after that it will be canceled and you will be banned
  • YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE PICTURES OF MY SET UP’S, if you have family or friends coming with you please inform them that it is not allowed.
  • I do have the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason that I feel necessary.
  • I try to send out a reminder as a courtesy but that doesn’t always happen so please set reminders yourself to ensure to get there on
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