• All galleries are  released with in 2-3 weeks
  • DEPOSITS are non-refundable that the whole point of the deposit
  • There is an option of purchasing additional edits for $35 each
  • I have lots of different outdoor locations to meet up at just let me know what kind of background you are looking for.
  • There is a one time pass for rescheduling you must let me know with in 24 hours before session. You must reschedule your session with in a week from letting me know you can’t make it. If you have to reschedule twice then you will have to pay another deposit fee.
  • Not showing up for your session gets you banned from booking again.
  • I do NOT release raw files.
  • I send you a logo gallery ( see link at bottom of page) for you go go through and choose the pictures you want released!
  • I charge a travel fee if location is out of Colorado Spring.
  • I am not reliable for your child’s or your safety. But if there is a situation I am needed to step in and help I will definitely do so.
  • If you have an issue with your gallery or are wanting additional edits you must let me know with in 48 hours of receiving your gallery. I do not keep all the raw files only the edits. I swipe cards after 48 hours.
  • If you are wanting me to keep all raw files from your session I can do so for a $450 fee.
  • You must download your gallery with in a month.  I will remove them from the site to make room for additional galleries.
  • There is a $75 reloading fee if you need me to reload your gallery for you to download.
  • You are NOT allowed to edit, or add a filter of any kind to my work. Doing so will get you banned from every booking again.
  • I charge a fee of $35 to photoshop marks off  like scratches or bruised bump when you book a mini
  • Being late will just take that time out of your session.
  • Lots of props, outfits and dresses available your use.
  • I do allow outfit changes as long as we stay with in the time you booked (only for full sessions)
  • If you decide you want additional time it will be an additional $35 per 10 min that we go over.
  • Kids can not be forced to make the face you want them to. While I do work very hard to get a smile, I am not responsible if your not happy with the way your child looks (facial expressions) in the edits. Please keep into consideration about their naps and eating schedules and book at a time when your child will be happiest.
  • If you would like a re-shoot the fee for a re-shoot will be 50% of the original priced payed for the session. This is to cover the studio set up and time I have already spend working with you. ( not including another cake)
  • YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR CHILD WITH MY  SET UP’S, if you have family or friends coming with you please inform them that it is not allowed.
  • I do have the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason that I feel necessary.
  • Failure to pay a sent invoice will get your banned from ever booking (please do not waste my time having me answer questions and sending an invoice only for you not to book)
I want every session to be fun and enjoyable! I have a huge love for children and that is defiantly my specialty! As a mom of 4 I know how stressful photo shoots can be especially when your paying so much money. I want everyone to be extremely pleased with their gallery so much that you want to book again! Please remember that I am HUMAN and I can make mistakes. If there is an issue just kindly message me and I promise to do everything I can do to make it right (with in reason). I can book up to 60 sessions a month and have a house full of kids and pets. Please say something if your not happy about something, all I ask is that your nice about it!!
~Alyssa Hughes with ROLP
email: raesoflightphotography@gmail.com
Galleries with logo if purchasing additional edits: https://raesoflightphotography.pixieset.com/chooseedits/
Contact me for questions
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